Alekseyev says Russia won't shift its stance over Kosovo

Published on December 26, 2006, MAKFAX

Category: Growing International Opposition to Imposed Solution

Russia will not change its position as to the mutually acceptable solution to Kosovo status, Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandar Alekseyev said.

Media in Belgrade quote the Russian Ambassador Alekseyev as saying nothing has changed or will be changed in Russia's position over Kosovo.

"Kosovo status decision should be acceptable to Belgrade and Pristina and it must be in with the international law," Ambassador Alekseyev told the students at the Law Faculty in Kragujevac.

He reiterated Russia's pledges for full compliance with the UN Security Council's decisions.

"The international law must function universally and we are confident that nobody can assume the responsibility by saying that the international law will be respected in one case but not in Kosovo case," Ambassador Alekseyev said.

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