RI respects Serbia's territorial integrity in Kosovo

Published on March 2, 2007, The Jakarta Post

Category: Growing International Opposition to Imposed Solution

JAKARTA (JP): Indonesia respects Serbia's territorial integrity in Kosovo and calls on all parties in the country to resolve their differences peacefully, official says.

"Our basic position is that we respect territorial integrity of a country once it is acknowledged by international community," Indonesian Foreign Ministry director general for Americas and Europe Eddy Haryadi said here Tuesday.

He commented on the Western-backed proposal prepared by Chief UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari, who came up with a plan that would grant Kosovo its own constitution, national symbols, army and membership of international.

Kosovo Albanians have generally welcomed the long-awaited plan as another step on the road to independence, but Belgrade has questioned the UN envoy's right to redefine its borders and insists Kosovo must remain part of Serbia.

Eddy said Indonesia hoped all parties could resolved their differences through dialog instead of using violence.

"As we (Indonesia) is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, we must contribute the best solution when the council issues resolution on Serbia-Kosovo problem. We hope that the resolution can be based on reality in the field," he added.

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