Diplomatic consultations ahead of UN SC session
Russia postponing decision over KiM status

Published on March 19, 2007, Blic

Category: Growing International Opposition to Imposed Solution

Within consultations among permanent members of UN Security Council, Russia is insisting that no voting over new resolution on Kosovo and Metohija take place in April. As 'Blic' finds out, Russia is not only requesting passing of the resolution to be postponed, but that the introductory part of Marti Ahtisari's proposal is not on agenda of UN SC session as well. The introductory part contains the so-called general principles that stipulate the elements of sovereignty for the province.

However, Russia has no objection that SC session deals with the future international presence in Kosovo and Metohija that understands EU mission undertaking the job from UN.

Russia also has no objection that annexes and technical part of Ahtisari's proposal are also discussed at that session.

UN SC session at which Marti Ahtisari is to speak about his proposal should be held on April 3.

As 'Blic' further finds out Germany requested that Kosovo status was not to be proclaimed as long as Germany was chairing EU, what means until July 1.

However, in case that events take place at UN Security Council according to Washington's plan Resolution 1244 will be put out of force thus creating status vacuum that would be compensated by the respect of Ahtisari's general principles that give Kosovo elements of sovereignty.

'By its requests Russia is trying to slow down settlement of Kosovo status and postpone that issue', a diplomat close to the Contact Group says for 'Blic'.

Remi Durlo, spokesman of UNOSEK office says that the decision by UN Security Council over the future Kosovo status is expected until the end of June.

Olli Rehn, European Commissioner for Enlargement is of the opinion that there is no use of further delay of settlement of Kosovo status and that 'Kosovo is the last open problem of the region'.

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