Slovakian parliament on Kosovo

Published on April 3, 2007, B92

Category: Growing International Opposition to Imposed Solution

Source: Czech News Agency

BRATISLAVA -- Slovakia’s governing coalition will push for a parliamentary declaration rejecting Kosovo's "full" independence.

The resolution, which comes in the wake of one already passed by the Slovakian parliamentary foreign committee, says that “Kosovo's full independence would not bring stability to the Balkans.”

However, the opposition Slovak Democratic and Christian Union-Democratic Party (SDKU-DS) say the text “admits the declaration of Kosovo's independence.”

The Czech News Agency reports that the Slovakian parliament “may end a lengthy debate on country’s position on the future of the southern Serbian province.”

The debate has led to the drafting of five various versions of the declaration with which the deputies wanted to comment on Martti Ahtisaari's plan in Kosovo.

The latest draft is only supported by the coalition parties, while the opposition is against it.

The SDKU-DS resents the fact the resolution does not “thoroughly oppose Kosovo's independence”, as the text mentions "full and unrestricted independence," while Ahtisaari's plan proposed to the UN Security Council only suggests limited independence.

Besides, the text includes no mention of Serbia's integrity, objected by Jozef Rydlo, a deputy for the ultra nationalist Slovak National Party (SNS).

However, like the Smer-SD and the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia-the People's Party (HZDS-LS), the SNS will back the declaration.

"I will fulfill my obligation and I will vote for it despite my conviction," Rydlo told the committee.

Earlier today, the Foreign Ministry published a statement saying that when deciding on Kosovo's future, Slovakia will "respect objective reality."

Foreign Minister Jan Kubis said earlier that Kosovo's independence was all but irreversible.

However, other Slovak government representatives have rejected Kosovo's independence.

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