Kosovo - new Muslim nation arises from a Serbian rib ripped from its cage by George Bush

Published on February 20, 2008, By Tony Dolz

Category: Growing International Opposition to Imposed Solution

Kosovo insurgents declared independence from Serbia, Sunday, February 18, 2008.

The Muslim terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army was established in the mid 1990s. Its goal was to create a greater Muslim Albania out of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Kosovo has been under a United Nations protectorate since the end of the war that saw Kosovo taken from Serbia in 1999.

Life in Kosovo has been a nightmare for Serbians and Roma (gypsies). Muslim Albanians civilians have burned many Christian churches, forced Serbians to flee the province and terrorized those that remained. Law enforcement by the United Nation forces have been colossally ineffective at maintaining the peace and to complicate matters the Muslim terrorists who grappled the province from Serbia were given police roles by the UN protectorate. Under UN protection they insurgents also have control of the Parliament. This is like assigning the mice to guard the cheese.

Serbia after the war was corrupted into a puppet government role by the United States, which promised economic aid and a path for elitists in Serbia to get rich on post war reconstruction in exchange for submission and tolerance of the UN protectorate of Kosovo.

After more than 8 years, the inevitable is happening. The Albanian terrorist who were exempted by the United States government of Bill Clinton from signing the UN agreement over the role of the UN in the province have unilaterally declared independence in violation of the United Nation resolution that created the protectorate.

The post-war government of Serbia which since its establishment has been happy to bank the money the United States government provides and stay neutral is now forced to take a nationalistic stand (at least temporarily) to assuage the anger of the Serbian people. As it stands today, the Serbian government has categorically declared that the Serbian people will never accept Kosovo´s independence at the hands of Albanian Muslim insurgents.

The United Nations has been put into a difficult situation. The Albania Muslims in Kosovo have declared their independence from both Serbia and the United Nations. Should the UN accept the declaration of independence or should it maintain its grip of authority?

Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, and Serbia have lodged a complaint claiming that only the United Nations has the authority to accept or reject Kosovo´s independence. It is also believed by international legal scholars that Serbia must have a say in the matter of independence if there is to be one.

Incidentally, the European Union is trying to elbow in. The EU got involved indirectly through NATOs participation during the 79 day bombing of Serbia. The Kosovo Liberation Army had foot soldiers but not a navy or an air force. The United States and NATO filled in as the air force of the Muslim insurgents without going as far was flying the KLA flag on the airplane tails. The KLA was handed a victory by the U.S. and NATOs air force. NATO meddling was a violation of its charter. NATO is not authorized to be an offensive force. Its charter only allows NATO member participation when another NATO member comes under attack. Serbia was fighting insurgents financed by Bin Laden, among others, with the money and armament channeled through Albania. The fighting took place exclusively within Serbian territory.

The CIA secretly provided armament to the Muslim insurgents invalidating any semblance of neutrality for the United States in the post war accommodations. The fighting in Kosovo was a civil war fought within Serbian territory. No NATO country was threatened or invaded. NATOs bombing were the first time its military power was used offensively. The inappropriate use of force sets a tarnished precedent for its relevancy and credibility.

Let´s puts this mismanagement of international affairs by the United States Bill Clinton and George Bush in perspective. There are troubling parallels between Serbia´s civil war and the loss of Kosovo, which we witness today, and grave political mistakes now brewing in the United States.

Only a derelict and corrupt government would allow its nation to be invaded by over 20 million illegal aliens from a bordering country that has taught its school children for 160 years that it has legitimate territorial claims against it. Tbe United States government is responsible under the 4th Article of the U.S. Constitution to protect the borders and the security of the country.

Mexico has claimed for 160 years that the Southwestern states of the United States belong to Mexico and that one it day it will retake it.

20 million Mexican illegal aliens is not a static numbers, the numbers increase annually at the rate of 1 to 2 ½ million per year. Making matters worse, an Illegal alien could trespass the border 8 months pregnant and the child, still in the womb, can be enrolled for tax paid pre-natal care. Upon being delivered at taxpayer expense in a county hospital it will be presented with a birth certificate that says - U.S. Citizen. The millions of children born to illegal aliens in the United States are said to be U.S. citizens and become charges of the state and national treasury.

The State of California has made great strides thanks to the leadership of Democratic Party in the legislature to ensure that the children of Mexican legal and illegal aliens receive an education in their culture and language. Maintaining this foreign culture alive and growing increases the political power of the Hispanic legislators in the state.

To promote Mexican culture in California and other states, in some cases books and curriculum are suggested by Mexico and in other cases provided by Mexico. These educational materials carry the same nuance that Mexico has territorial claims against the United States. Some school districts in California even hire teachers in Mexico to teach Mexican culture in the United States.

One day, not in our lifetime but possibly in our children´s lifetime, terrorist separatists, the equal of Hashim Thachi in Kosovo, may emerge to lead millions with loyalty to Mexico towards civil war in America. It is not an unrealistic scenario.

Do the remaining Serbians in Kosovo have anything to fear from the insurgent Albanian Muslims declaration of independence today?

George Bush, from a press conference while on his tour of Africa, assured the Serbian people Sunday that they are safe living in Kosovo. But wait, before you die laughing: George Bush also assured them that the border between Serbia and Kosovo will be secured - guaranteed!

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