Bush Hands al Qaeda the Keys to Europe: Kosovo

Published on February 20, 2008, Republican Riot

Category: Growing International Opposition to Imposed Solution

by Julia Gorin

Three Muslim states now look forward to EU membership — Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo — all of them professing, as Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci did to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper recently, “The future of Kosovo and Albania together with the rest of the Western Balkan countries lies within the European Union…”

Indeed, they are grateful to the U.S. and UK and look forward to strengthening ties with Israel — while at the same time strengthening ties with the United Arab Emirates, which pays 200 Euros a month to Albanian family members who adopt Wahhabism; while strengthening ties with Kuwait, which doesn’t allow any communications with Israel even by foreign journalists covering a war defending Kuwait from an Iraqi invasion; while stengthening ties with the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), a bloc of 57 Muslim-majority states, whose headquarters is in Saudi Arabia; and while strengthening ties with Iran.

Are the Albanians lying to someone here, or is it in fact possible to move closer to the West and integrate into the fabric of the EU while drawing closer to the opposite of the West and EU? You bet it’s possible. It’s called the macro infiltration of Europe which al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia have been waiting for breathlessly. And on February 17th the U.S. delivered it to them.

Britain and US join rush to recognise Kosovo

Kosovo’s government says it has secured promises of recognition from 100 countries, among them the 57 states of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, which issued a collective statement of welcome to the new state yesterday.

The United States waited for Europe’s [conflicted] voices to be heard before issuing its own statement of recognition…Thousands of Nato peacekeepers were on high alert for violence following the declaration but the only serious injury reported was to a Norwegian soldier wounded by a stray bullet in a so-called “happy shooting” incident in Pristina.

The very first nation to recognize an independent Kosovo was Afghanistan, a “sovereign” country whose president wouldn’t be alive without his US Marine Praetorian Guard, as Jim Jatras wrote me yesterday, adding, “Or maybe Karzai is just giving a nod to the main marketing outlet for his country’s only viable export.”

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