As Goes Serbia, So Goes Israel?

Published on March 3, 2008, Israel Hasbara Committee

Category: Growing International Opposition to Imposed Solution

By Victor Sharpe

Oil has a peculiar smell. It has been described as a stench, which assails the nostrils. But it does much more than irritate the membranes in the human nose. It greases the machinery of geo-politics and lubricates the revenge and envy that nation states harbor towards each other. It makes and destroys states and peoples and befouls humanity. It is still a necessary evil, but much of this black gold happens by fate to lie under the sands of the Arab Middle East and thus morphs into a terrible weapon wielded by Arab despots and Islamo-fascist fanatics.

The insane rush to create Kosovo, yet another Muslim state in the heart of the Balkans, is testament to the curse of oil. Ever ready to enrich their economies, the Europeans and the United States combine to appease and placate the Arab kings, Emirs, and assorted dictators. The price demanded by the Saudis and the Gulf States is a steep one; namely to pave the way for more and more Muslim influence throughout the world and hostility to Israel.

The Saudis pour billions of their petrodollars into Europe and North and South America in order to build lavish mosques where Wahhabi imams propagate extremist forms of Islam. European and American universities hold out their begging bowls to receive Arab money and in return help facilitate the spread of anti-Israel and anti-Western falsehoods masquerading as Middle East studies.

The recent phenomena of the so-called sovereign funds are instruments through which European and American financial institutions receive desperately needed infusions of Arab money to bail themselves out of their own greed and monetary shortcomings. And the financial help bestowed upon them comes with strings thus adding yet another layer of Arab and Muslim pressure.

Islamist influence grows with every passing day. Facts are being created on the ground, which are changing the demographics and national characteristics of one European state after another. And it is in Europe that Arab oil is driving the creation of a Muslim state that will become a radical Islamist beachhead and threaten what is left of Christian Europe. In time it will inevitably become a springboard for terror into the United States itself.

The U.S. State Department’s Nicholas Burns has now congratulated the Kosovars in obtaining their independence from Serbia. This is a betrayal of the Serbian people and will leave a disfiguring scar upon the United States for years to come. For the Serbian people, the province of Kosovo is their very ancestral heartland. The long suffering Serbs are now forced to witness the witless and perfidious Western powers ripping away Serbia’s heart while their hated ethnic Albanian and Muslim historical enemies take possession of it. The Serbs, in fact, call Kosovo their “Jerusalem.” That is how holy they consider their lost homeland.

And we must realize that Israel, too, is threatened by the same evil created by Arab oil. The Palestinian negotiators all confirm that Jerusalem is up for grabs and that Ehud Olmert, Israel’s Prime Minister and Tzippi Livni, the Foreign Minister are in advanced negotiations to give away parts of Judaism’s eternal holy city, Jerusalem.

Under U.S State Department pressure, the Israeli government is negotiating the dismemberment of the Jewish ancestral heartland of Judea and Samaria and we must witness with growing fear that what has happened to the brave and ill served Serbian people will also happen to Israel.

President Bush has said that before his term of office expires this year, he will preside over the re-division of Judaism’s holy city of Jerusalem and the creation of a Muslim state called Palestine within the Jewish biblical heartland. Although Serbs living in enclaves within Kosovo are not yet being forced to leave, the price of creating a Muslim Palestinian state is the expulsion – the ethnic cleansing – of all Jews from its proposed territory. In other words, it is even worse for the Jews as a new Arab state called Palestine will be judenrein. And this unthinkable outrage will be sanctioned by President Bush and the United Nations.

There are striking similarities between the Serbs and the Jews. Serbia lost its province of Kosovo after being defeated in battle by the Muslim Turks at the Field of Blackbirds on June 13th 1389. Like the Jews, who in their 2,000 years of exile dreamed of restoring their ancient land and their holy city of Jerusalem after losing it to the Romans, so too the Serbs dreamed of Kosovo and wove their folk music and national identity around the lost Serbian heartland.

During the late 1990s when President Clinton and his Secretary of State Madeline Albright, launched a disgraceful war against the Serbs, the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, Draskovitch said of Kosovo: “Our faith was born there, as was our language, our nationhood, our pride. It is incumbent upon us to defend Kosovo, even if we all die.”

His words were uttered as American bombers, repainted in NATO colors, bombed Serbia for several months inflicting some 3,000 civilian deaths and destroying all the bridges over the Danube River in Belgrade. This was not America’s finest hour but is now largely dead and buried by the mainstream media.

The same mainstream media rarely, if ever, tells us about Serbia’s passion during the many centuries leading up to the present and latest shameful act of the West. When Serbia was part of Yugoslavia, it was the Serbs who fought alone and unaided against the German divisions; fighting them to a standstill. No other people in occupied Europe achieved that remarkable and heroic feat.

Croatia allied itself with Hitler and established a Nazi state. The Croatians exterminated hundreds of thousands of Serbs and tens of thousands of Jews. If you visit the Yasenovatz death camp in Croatia, you will find Jews and Serbs buried there together in mass graves.

The anti-Jewish Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, who spent many days with Hitler in his Berlin bunker plotting the destruction of Mandatory Palestine’s Jewish population, encouraged the Bosnian Muslims to form several SS divisions who carried out mass murders and deportations of Jews to the German death camps.

Serbia emerged from the Second World War with the distinction of defeating the German invasion and inflicting severe losses on the German army. But the Serbs paid a terrible price, losing nearly 2,000,000 dead or some 12% of their population. The Serbian partisans, who included many Jewish fighters, were able to save thousands of Jews from death at the hands of the Croatian, German and Bosnian murderers.

During the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, the Croatians expelled some 250,000 Serbs from their homes in the Krajna district. As soon as the Muslims in Kosovo received autonomy in 1974, they drove out 400,000 Serbs. At the same time a vast influx of ethnic Albanians flooded over the border to take the place of the disinherited Serbs.

The Serbian people have been reduced to only 10% of their original population in Kosovo. Ethnic cleansing against the Serbs began long before the Western press ran their lurid stories of Serbian ethnic cleansing against the Bosnian Muslims. Predictably, the mainstream press ignored the earlier attacks by the Muslims against the Serbs, which first led to the war.

The lesson for Israel is that foreign powers have conspired to strip the expendable Serbs of their ancestral homeland and give it to the Muslims. In doing so, these same western powers believe that by placating and ingratiating themselves with the oil rich Arab and Muslim world they enrich their own economies. After all, Serbia does not possess any known oil reserves.

Israel, too, is bereft of meaningful reserves of oil. It too is thus expendable. The pressure upon Israel to give away its own ancestral, historic, spiritual and biblical heartland in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) grows relentlessly and insidiously.

Sadly and tragically, there exists no Israeli government or leader at this critical time with the intestinal fortitude and spiritual certitude to adamantly and resolutely resist the cynical and perfidious machinations of western leaders. Israel desperately needs a leader who can talk to the world as Draskovitch once spoke for the Serbian people. Instead Olmert, Livni and Barak call for NATO to patrol the border with Gaza, monitor Judea and Samaria and, heaven forbid, oversee a divided Jerusalem.

Carloline Glick, writing in the Feb 23, 2008 edition of the Jerusalem Post sums up the Israeli government’s terminal confusion thus: “What the Serbs made NATO fight its way in to achieve, Israel is offering NATO on a silver platter.” She adds, “... the lessons of Kosovo are clear. Not only should Israel join Russia, Canada, China, Spain, Romania and many others in refusing to recognize Kosovo. It should also state that as a consequence of Kosovo's independence, Israel rejects the deployment of any international forces to Gaza or Judea and Samaria, and refuses to cede its legal right to sovereignty in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem to international arbitration.”

Serbia must be supported by all who still cherish morality over expediency. Historical correctness must in all such cases trump so-called political correctness. As goes Serbia, so goes Israel.

Neither nation deserves to become victim to the international greed for black gold and the attendant groveling acceptance by oil-importing states to the demands of the oil producing dictatorships and Islamic theocracies. Indeed, the stench from corrupting oil that permeates the international corridors of power makes the very angels in heaven gag.

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