Montenegrin police hand over Kosovo citizen sought for "terrorism" to Serbia

Published on January 6, 2007, BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

Text of report in English by independent internet news agency KosovaLive
Prizren, 4 January: The regional office of the Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms [KMDLNj] in Prizren announced today that the Montenegrin police have arrested Sinan Morina, while he was returning to Kosova [Kosovo] from Germany.
Sinan Morina from the village of Opterushe in Rahovec [Orahovac], currently living in Germany, has been handed over to the Serbian authorities, which have indicted him on terrorism charges.
Family relatives say that Morina has already been sent to the Pozarevac prison in Serbia, where he is being detained allegedly for involvement in fighting in Koshare [Kosare] region during the war in Kosova in 1999.
Sinan's brother denies these charges, saying that during the period stated in indictment, Sinan was in Germany, and that he has evidences to prove this.
The KMDLNj calls on all the international organizations to help in solving of this case, whereas it also call on the Kosova Government to demand from Montenegrin authorities to enable freedom of movement through their territory to all Kosovar citizens.
Source: KosovaLive website, Pristina, in English 4 Jan 07
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