Arrested Kosovo Albanian al-Qaeda mole - paper

Published on January 23, 2007, Serbianna

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

January 17, 2007 -- Kosovo Albanian that was arrested last month by the Austrian authorities at a Vienna Schwechat International Airport is a sought out intermediary for terror organizations across Europe and is in service of al-Qaeda, says Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

Dodu L. is a 55 year old Kosovo Albanian with combat experience acquired during terror attacks on Kosovo Serbs DURING 1990S. In December of 2007, he was to detonate 2 bombs inside Montenegro parliament in a plot that involves 12 other ethnic Albanians, some of them US citizens.

As the bombing plot folded, 12 ethnic Albanians in Montenegro have been arrested while Dodu L. managed to escape Montenegro and on a connecting flight in Vienna was arrested by the Austrian authorities. Kronen Zeitung says that the bomber, Dodu L. was on a trip to the USA.

" Outwardly Dodu L was calm... the more thorough examination caused the man to react suddenly nervous. To the policemen it became clear why: The 55-year old was on the terror list of the most wanted!" writes Kronen Zeitung.

"Around Dodu L. is a rope pulling him between USA and Montenegro. According to insiders this fighter is in demand intermediary for terror organizations - such as the deliverers of messages for entire Europe," writes Kronen.

According to Kronen Zeitung, Dodu L. was an al-Qaeda member who was eventually recruited, with promises of money, to be a "mole" for the CIA inside al-Qaeda. Kronen Zeitung is not clear whether the Kosovo Albanian was a "mole" inside al-Qaeda operation in Kosovo or throughout Europe.

"This explains also why the US Government wants to absolutely prevent his extradition to Montenegro," concluded Kronen Zeitung.

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