Kosovo Albanian group also uses terror

Published on September 22, 1998, USA TODAY

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

Bodie Plecas, Los Angeles, Calif.

In his letter to USA TODAY, Refugees International president Lionel Rosenblatt continues his efforts to muddy the waters regarding the truth in Kosovo ("Tragedy looms in Kosovo, as U.S obsesses on scandals," Monday). Rosenblatt's use of grossly inflated figures, defining his one-sided interest regarding the toll of human misery in Kosovo, is but one element of his propaganda war. Rosenblatt empathizes with the "local population's terror of the Serb authorities." But he fails to discuss the pattern established by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) of kidnapping and executing Serbian peasants to instill terror in the Serb population. This has been well documented. Rosenblatt also ignores other acts of terror, such as the invasion and destruction of Serbian monasteries by the KLA. And he ignores, as well, the terrorizing and killing of the monks and nuns who inhabit these monasteries. As has been reported, these monasteries have been sanctuaries to both Muslims and Serb peasants seeking to escape the violence. The KLA has been open about its connection with terrorist groups such as those of Osama bin Laden, who has declared a jihad, or holy war, against the United States. The KLA also has made no secret that any result less than the creation of Greater Albania, which is Muslim in character and sweeps across Kosovo, parts of Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria, is unacceptable. Still Rosenblatt demands that Serbia remove its forces from what is its own territory and allow the KLA to fulfill its terrorist goal. An article in the same issue of USA TODAY speaks volumes to the true intent of American foreign policy in the Kosovo issue. After the United States poured in money, support and high-profile visits on behalf of the campaign of its hand-picked candidate for the presidency of the Serbian Republic, Biljana Plavsic, the Serbs had the temerity to elect a candidate who would represent their own interests instead of those of the United States ("Serbs reject U.S. favorite, pick hard-liner," News, Monday). And what was the U.S. response? Threaten the Serbs if they celebrated the victory. And we still wonder why people around the world hate the United States?

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