Regrouping of KLA armed groups in Kosovo

Published on March 14, 2007, Tanjug

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

BELGRADE, March 10 (Tanjug) - International representatives have observed, over the recent days, intensified regrouping of armed groups in black uniforms with insignia of the former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in the territory of Drenica, Pec and Djakovica in Kosovo and Metohija province, the Belgrade daily Vecernje novosti said on Saturday.

Intelligence services of NATO member-states have informed their respective governments and the international community about this, the daily said.

Forces of the local United Nations (UN) administration UNMIK and the peacekeeping force KFOR have been given strict orders "not to engage in conflict or discussion with the armed groups, and, upon sighting them, to abandon their mission and immediately return to base," Vecernje novosti said.

Ethnic Albanian extremists estimate that "the status of Kosmet has already been decided" and that a new exodus of Serbs from Kosmet should be provoked following the official proclamation of independence in the Kosovo parliament and the recognition of Kosovo's statehood by certain countries of the region, the daily said.

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