Wahabi Training Camp discovered

Published on March 19, 2007, Beta, B92

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

Serbian police have discovered a camp and a cave in which the Wahabi terrorists trained. Four men have been arrested.

The Wahabi camp and cave which were discovered near Novi Pazar, in the Muslim-dominated region of Sandzak. (Sandzak is a region shared by both Serbia and Montenegro, it used to be an ancient Serbian province of Raska, today dominated mostly by Muslims. Half of Sandzak's municipalities are in Serbia, and the other half in Montenegro).

Plastic explosives with clock mechanisms were found, bullets, protective masks, weapon-cleaning equipment, military uniforms, clothes and hand granades were also discovered.

Mirsad Prentic (born 1977), Fuad Hodzic (born 1974), Vahid Vejselovic (born 1984) and Senad Vejselovic (born 1983) were arrested, while one suspect managed to get away during the arrest. Police are looking for him.

Also discoverd were compasses, binoculars, bayonets, maps, instruction manuals on handling automatic weapons, a sword, different types of propaganda materials, survival kit manuals, some CDs, food, sanitarian equipment, canisters containing drinking water and petrol.

Police action lasted several days in the greater Novi Pazar area. The terrorist camp and cave were discovered in a small town called Zabar, on the Ninaja mountain, located 30 kilometers away from Novi Pazar, the "capital" of Sandzak. Police are intensively working on finding the organizers and other members of this terrorist group.

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