Published on April 3, 2007, The Washington Times

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

I would like to respond to Richard Holbrooke's "warning" to Russia against vetoing the West's wholly illegal effort to grant Kosovo independence ("Holbrooke's warning," Embassy Row, Tuesday).

For over 60 years, the Serbs have been enduring persecution from Albanians in Kosovo due to the Albanian extremist "long pent-up desire" to steal Kosovo from Serbia as they have been ethnically cleansed and murdered, and had their cultural monuments destroyed in the effort to create a "Greater Albania." Western efforts to appease Albanian Muslim extremism at the expense of the Serbs and international law lie at the heart of the current conflict. Russia had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Russia is a valuable ally in our efforts to counter Islamic extremist terrorism throughout the world. Yet, tragically, some of our leaders still harbor the "Cold War Era" mentality and appear to be driving us toward a new Cold War with Russia. Opening new unnecessary and costly conflicts/fronts is something we can ill afford.

I must respond to Mr. Holbrooke's warning with a similar warning not to provoke and alienate Russia at this critical time in our history.

Henderson, Nev.

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