Wahhabi killed in clash with police

Published on April 20, 2007, B92

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

Source: Beta News Agency

NOVI PAZAR -- One person was killed, and two wounded early Friday in a clash between police and a group of Wahhabis near Novi Pazar.

Around 4:50 a.m. Friday police arrived in the village of Donja Trnava near Novi Pazar, to search a house there, acting on a tip-off that a leader of the militant Islamic sect was hiding there, a MUP statement said.

A hand grenade was thrown at the police officers as they approached the house, injuring one, the statement said.

“As the police officers approached the house, ten dogs were released at them, and as they were entering the premises, the suspected terrorist group members threw a hand grenade and opened fire at the officers, injuring one,” the statement said.

“Policemen then retreated to a secure point, while the Islamic extremists, in a bid to flee the scene, continued to shoot and throw hand grenades,” the statement continued.

Police responded with machine-gun fire, killing the group leader Mirsad Prentic.

Prentic is the brother of Ismail Prentic, arrested on March 17, when Gendarmerie forces discovered a Wahhabi terrorist camp near Novi Pazar and made five arrests.

A policeman sustained minor injuries, while the injured Wahhabi, identified as Senad Ramovic, was taken to a hospital in Novi Pazar and his condition remains stable.

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