After-Action Report: UAC founder Jesse Petrilla's trip to Kosovo and Bosnia

Published on June 4, 2007, The United American Committee

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

I have recently returned to the U.S. from my trip through the Balkans which had an aim to see what the ever expanding middle east into Europe looks like up close. Here is my after-action report for those who are interested in hearing about a situation which may chillingly parallel future events in America if we do not take action to prevent them today.

I landed in Kosovo on a flight from Istanbul directly into the Kosovo capital city of Pristina. This city is a showpiece for the Kosovo Albanians who often take visiting dignitaries and American politicians through a twisty roundabout path through the city, avoiding the many destroyed churches and other evidence of the less than tolerant attitudes so prevalent in the region. I went on a very different tour of Kosovo than what our politicians see. I didn't stick to only seeing the few good parts of Pristina, I went to other parts of Kosovo where Christians are forced to live in military-like compound ghettos, with the terror and fear of death if they ever set foot outside of their enclaves without protection. I saw a rogue and wild west region with very little self built infrastructure, and vast amounts of foreign money flowing in from Saudi Arabia and other nations hell bent on exporting their extremist ideals. The only real infrastructure I saw were remnants of Tito's Communist Yugoslavia, with the current flow of money primarily being dumped into new construction projects of Wahabi mosques and madrases. But what is scariest of all is that I saw America several generations from now if we continue to allow Islamism to spread through the socialist and naive policies so many American politicians have adopted.

From Pristina I headed for Gracanica, a small enclave of Christian Serbs who's ancestors have been living in Kosovo for thousands of years. Gracanica Monastery has been the site of Christian churches since the 6th century, yet when I arrived I was struck by the towering concrete walls adorned with coiled barbed wire and machine gun nests, all required now for the protection of the nuns and bishops who live there. The outside was also spotted with vehicle blockers reminiscent of the beaches at Normandy, with KFOR guards and vehicles patrolling to protect the Christians from Islamist attacks.

I visited with the nuns in the monastery, who told me their stories, how much they lived in fear of being murdered by radical Muslims. My heart sank as I saw that even though their families had been there for countless years, they knew that their situation would never get better, and that sometime in their lives they would either be murdered or forced to leave. My mind shot back to Dearborn, Michigan, and I found myself wondering if Christians there would one day be forced to live like this. Dearborn today is estimated at around 30% Muslim, and they are emboldened enough to hold Hezbollah rallies last year which attracted an estimated 10,000 people. What will happen when they are over 50%? The ludicrousness astounds me how any of our politicians can believe that simply because the Muslims have the majority in Kosovo, Serbia, it entitles them to have their own Islamic country, yet if you ask any of those same politicians if they believe the same would apply for Dearborn, Michigan in a few years, they never seem to have a solid answer.

In my journey I met up with many experts in the region who told me how the Kosovo predicament came to be, and as I learned I shockingly saw many more parallels with what is happening in America. Illegal immigration was the number one cause of how the Islamic population suddenly took over Kosovo in only the past couple hundred years. Very recently it seemed that this region was majority Christian, and not only was it a majority Christian but the heart of much Christian worship in Southern Europe. Even Constantine himself was born in Southern Serbia, and the region has always held vast amounts of ancient monasteries and churches. It seemed that the bulk of this flow of immigrants came under Tito's socialist policies, which largely opened the floodgates and turned a blind eye to the onslaught of Muslim illegal immigrants, mostly coming from Albania to work in mining and agriculture. Today in America I see much of this occurring, when I hear we are granting 25,000 student visas for Saudi students, or when our government is negligent in securing our borders due to socialist-like policies from the open-borders crowd. Our politicians never stop to think about the long term effects of such policies on the future of America.

One other point of interest is how the Albanians in Kosovo know how to put on a show and dance until they get their way. Right now they have no state, and the U.N. controls most activities in Kosovo, so they kiss up to America, who we all know has the final say in if they get their independence or not. One thing in their capital city that is a bit humorous, are all the dictator-like murals of one particular politician. In Baghdad before the fall of Saddam there were four or five story pictures of Saddam Hussein, well in Pristina Kosovo there are four or five story pictures of Bill Clinton. Clinton as we know was behind the taking of sides in the Kosovo Albanian's conflict with the Serbs of the late 1990s, using American planes to bomb the Serbs several hundred miles north of Kosovo in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. The Kosovo Muslims are of course grateful for this, yet I spoke with several dozen of them about their allegiances and it was blatantly clear that their allegiance was to the east, towards Mecca, and certainly not to the west. Where will their allegiances be once they get their way and have an independent state? Considering the continual bombardment of Saudi money and Wahabist indoctrination in most every mosque and every school in Kosovo? I saw the Saudi flag on more than one occasion while there, and even saw many of the U.N. workers driving around wearing full hijab Islamic head coverings, quite comforting considering the U.N. is suppose to protect the Christians who live there if they are attacked. But in 2003 we saw an uprising against the Christians where many churches were destroyed and Christians killed, and the U.N. troops all ran away.

After visiting several other churches destroyed as recently as 2003 and many vandalized in the last year, I headed for Bosnia not too far away. In Sarajevo I got a tour of the EUFOR Army base there, and was comforted to learn that although our politicians may not get it, the Army certainly understands who the enemy is today. A Sergent Major told me of villages in Bosnia where the women wear full Afghanistan style burkahs, and when a vehicle approaches the village all the women go run and hide, and the men surround the car and you must ask permission to enter the village. He told me what is scariest of all is that the people who live there are not foreigners, but Bosnian born and raised, right there in Europe. I learned from him and others that nearly all of the military activity involves problems with Muslims, and not the Christians, such as surprise...

In Banja Luka, Bosnia, one of the last remaining Christian majority cities, I met with two amazing individuals. One was the former mayor of a Bosnian city, a non-religious and westernized man born into the Muslim faith by the name of Dzevad Galijasevic who is an activist against the Wahabi and fundamentalist indoctrination occurring in the region. The other man I met with was Dejan Miletic, the former Serbian ambassador to the Hague war crimes tribunal who was removed for political correct reasons when he continued to pursue the war crimes of Muslims in the region and would not only stick to going after Serbian war crimes. Galijasevic told me from a Muslim perspective that he witnessed first hand the extremists during and after the war seizing every opportunity to pursue their jihadist goals of spreading radical Islam through this European region. He said that the current Islamic political leadership of Bosnia were the same people who during the war sent pleas to the Taliban and other Islamist regimes to send their best jihad fighters to Bosnia to fight the Christians. Now that the war is over and anyone brings up the fact of Islamic war crimes, these leaders use the excuse that it was just foreign fighters and not them, when in fact they were the ones who brought those foreign fighters to the land. Miletic, the former ambassador to the Hague, showed and told me things that wanted to make me puke my guts out. While working for the tribunal he set up a website that I am warning is not for the weak stomached, you can see pictures and videos of Islamist activity right there in Europe by visiting the following link:

The entire region is an example of the catalyst that all Islamists are trying to create here in America. An all out war where in the end the Muslims have the majority, and the non-Muslims live in fear and dhimmitude. What happened there is the end result, 50 to 100 years ahead of where America is today, that is unless we take action to prevent it from occurring here.

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