Bush Wrong on Kosovo Independence

Published on June 13, 2007, THE CONSERVATIVE VOICE

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

by Craig Chamberlain

Perhaps it was because he was greeted with a hero's welcome, or perhaps his sympathy for illegal immigrants is great all over the world, President Bush thinks that Kosovo should be an independent state. President Bush made this statement while in Albania, while being greeted with cheers instead of black masked thugs who compare him to Hitler.

During the Clinton administration we bombed Serbia for 78 days in order to support the ethnic Albanian majority of Kosovo. It sounds like we were, once again, standing up for the underdog. Here's the problem: Kosovo belongs to the Serbs, it always has. It is considered the heartland of Serbia. The Albanians who were fighting for Kosovo's independence belonged to the KLA, a group with ties to Usama Bin Laden, and a group recognized by our own state department as a terrorist group. That is until President Clinton found them a useful poster boy for a group of freedom fighters and had them removed from the terrorist list in 1999.

The Serbian army was fighting its own war against Islamic terrorism, and we sided with the terrorists. Now, I don't want to stand up for the late Slobodan Milosevic. He was a brute and a dictator. But Serbia did not start the war in Kosovo, the Albanians did. The Albanians began illegally immigrating to Kosovo (probably assuring the Serbs they were there to do the jobs the Serbs wouldn't do) and once they constituted a majority of the population they demanded independence.

Somehow, I don't think independence is what they really want. They want to ethnically cleanse the area of Serbs. Today Serbs are only 10% of the population. They live in ghetto like conditions, unable to leave their fortified neighborhoods without risking violence upon themselves.They are prisoners in their own homes, and prisoners in their own country. The international community, instead of telling the thieving Albanians to get out, is insisting that the Serbs vacate their own country. After this ethnic cleansing is complete, the newly independent Kosovo will most likely attempt to unify itself to Albania.

By President Bush's logic, we should give the southwest back to Mexico. After all Americans are quickly becoming a minority in those states as illegal immigrants from south of the border(here to do "jobs Americans won't do") continue to pour in. And unlike Kosovo belonging to the Albanians, the southwest once belonged to Mexico. Perhaps the U.S. could take a lesson from the Balkans and be reminded the price of open borders, what happens to a country when the cultural and ethnic balance shifts, and maybe we can wonder where the loyalty of our new arrivals lie?

Rewarding illegal immigrants, whether it is with amnesty, or giving them an independent country that isn't there's, is never a good idea.

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