Bin Laden on Key-Chains

Published on April 6, 2006, Glas Javnosti (in Serbian)

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

Belgrade – Albanian street vendors are making huge profits selling key-chains with the photo of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, for one Euro The key-chains with the images displayed here, have been purchased in Albanian controlled South Mitrovica, only a few feet away from UNMIK headquarters. However, this is not purely a coincidence that these key-chains appeared in the South side of Mitrovica, because this also is the location of the largest concentration of the “Abu Bequir Sidik” mujahedin unit. These vendors have not missed an opportunity to appeal to Albanian clients from Montenegro. That is why some of them also sell key-chains with an inscription “Made in Montenegro” and “Montenegro is Independent.” However, the biggest demand is for DVD’s with footage of KLA units operations that sell for three Euros each, while the most popular DVD is Adem Jashari’s, the founder of KLA.

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