Hillary Must Repudiate Support for Extremists

Published on March 29, 2008, The Conservative Voice

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

by Scott Sullivan

Hillary Clinton has made a big mistake by taking on Reverend Wright and his congregation. Senator Clinton has opened the door to an examination of her own connections to extremist groups.

To be specific, Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton have long standing ties to extremist groups in the Balkans including Croatia's neo-Nazi groups.

For example, in 1995, the Croatian military, which was receiving extensive training and arms from the US, thanks to President Bill Clinton, set up a special battalion (400 personnel) for the training of right wing extremists from Germany and France. Moreover, the Croats assigned personnel from this battalion to serve with units of the Croatian Army (HV) in Bosnia in combat operations against the Bosnian Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims. While operating in Bosnia, these neo-Nazi members of Croatias special battalion committed war crimes against Serbs and Bosnians.

The Federal Prosecutor of West Germany, according to press accounts at the time, was very concerned about these atrocities and wrote a letter to Bill Clintons Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations, asking for an investigation. The Bill Clinton Administration refused.

After supporting Croatias large scale ethnic cleansing in Bosnia , the Clintons provided military and intelligence advisors as the Croatian government carried out large scale ethnic cleansing of the Serbs population in Croatia itself. This Croatian ethnic cleansing of 250,000 Serbs in the Krajina district was one of the worlds greatest war crimes. Indeed, the UN is now prosecuting three Croatian generals for war crimes based on this ethnic cleansing. The Clintons, however, have yet to be investigated for their support for Croatia in this tragic affair.

How should Senator Obama respond to this Clinton attack on Reverend Wright?

First, Senator Obama should ask for the Clintons to reveal the details of their own relationships with political extremists in Croatia and with Albanias Kosovo Liberation Army/KLA in Serbia. The KLA killed thousands of Serbian civilians in a terrorist national liberation campaign in 1999, a campaign endorsed by the Clintons.

Second, Senator Obama should call for the Clintons to repudiate their support for the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and for an independent state of Kosovo taken from Serbia. To fail to denounce the KLA for war crimes against the Serbs is to reward terrorism.

Third, Senator Obama should call upon Congress to repudiate Croatia and Kosovo in favor of closer US ties with Serbia and its allies Russia and China. This is a good time to break with Croatia, which is preparing to annex the Croatian areas of Bosnia-Hercegovina (B-H). Croatias power grab in B-H will collapse the fragile Bosnian state and could restart the civil war in Bosnia.

Fourth, Senator Obama should call upon US Jews, US WW II military veterans, and US leftist groups to repudiate the Croatian and Albanian extremists. To put this issue in basic terms, Serbia fought the Nazis and supported the US in WW II, and for that reason alone ar entitledcontinued US support. In contrast, the Croatians and Albanians supported Germany in WW II.

Fifth, Senator Obama shall call upon the Clintons to reveal the details of their cooperation with Senator McCain on behalf of Croatian extremists and the KLA. The Clintons and McCain have been in lockstep in support of Croatian and Albanian extremists for a decade or more. This Clinton-McCain collaboration with the Croatian and Albanian extremists is the real crime, not a few sermons on the part of Reverend Wright.

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