Kosovo Muslim aided terror in Germany

Published on April 21, 2009, Serbianna

Category: Islamic Terror in Kosovo

Germany’s daily Der Spiegel says that Muslims from Serbia and in particular one Kosovo Muslim took part in organizing terror attacks in Germany.

Der Spiegel says that the ten people took part in the planning but the police is still seeking a terrorist who is from Kosovo who took part, with a Turk, in smuggling explosive lighters.

The arrested Muslims from Serbia

Barrels of chemical explosives were also confiscated.

One Islamist who was born in Germany, referred to a Mevlut K, acted as a double agent and spied on terror activities in Germany.

Spiegel says that Mevlut shared his information with the CIA.

“Reportedly he gave his information to the American secret service [CIA]. The activities of that suspect and is connections in the Balkans were apparently intensely watched by Serbian authorities as well,” writes Spiegel.

Spiegel cites an unpublished BKA report where it the Sauerland Islamic terror cell is aided by “mostly Serbian Islamist from German towns of Ludwigshafen and Bad Harzburg”.

Muslims in Serbia are a minority and they live in area of Novi Pazar and Kosovo.

Spiegel says that investigation is ongoing.

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