Haradinaj: After Kosova’s Independence TMK Will Become An Army

Published on April 12, 2006, Bota Sot

Category: Meet the Muslim Albanian Leaders

The former Kosova Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, made these comments during a visit to TMK headquarters, where Lt. General Sylejman Selimi and the staff of this Institution were waiting.

With his associates Haradinaj shared the same opinion around developing and advancing TMK. Otherwise this is the first official visit, which the AAK president had to the TMK since being allowed to return to politics. Today with Lt. General Selimi he had a chance to be informed with TMK’s good work which is being done overall, developing as a force, especially the implementation of the 8th standard that means developing one force for all citizens of Kosova, said Haradinaj.

He reminded that TMK’s origin is from the Kosovo Liberation Army and stated his optimism that soon together with Kosovo independence it will become a modern army.

“I do have faith in this matter, as well as in the progress that the General and his colleagues are making, and I declared readiness and support in our joint way” said Haradinaj.

But General Selimi said that he informed Haradinaj of TMK’s developments and fulfillment of standards, around projects, also for the vision that this institution is planning for the future.

Ramush Haradinaj before he was involved in politics, he was a deputy commander of the TMK with a rank of Maj. General and before that he was a KLA commander of Dukagjini operation zone.

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