Haradinaj and Thaci met with Osama bin Laden in Tirana in 1995 to plan al-Qaeda jihad in Kosovo

Published on May 5, 2006, Government of Serbia

Category: Meet the Muslim Albanian Leaders

[complete report from Government of Serbia on Albanian Terrorism and Organised Crime in Kosovo-Metohija at http://www.srbija.sr.gov.yu ]

The presence of the radical Islam in K&M [Kosovo and Metohija] is illustrated by the fact that in 1995 Osama Bin Laden visited Albania as a guest of Sali Berisha, who was the President of Albania at the time, when bases for the logistic and financial support to the Al Khaida organization were set up, with cells in K&M. In addition to Bin Laden, the meeting was attended by Bashkim Gazideda, former head of secret police of Albania, Hashim Thaqi and Ramush Haradinaj. On the occasion, Bashkim Gazideda was elected into a group of Al Khaida leaders for the region of Balkan.

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