Ceku’s request denied

Published on April 20, 2006, B92

Category: Meet the Muslim Albanian Leaders

PRISTINA -- Bishop Artemije has denied Agim Ceku’s request to attend Easter church services in Gracanica. The Rasko-Prizren Bishop reminded the Kosovo Prime Minister that he has been living himself as a refugee for the past seven years and that his residence and cathedral were burned to the ground in March 2004, along with many other landmarks of the Orthodox Church. “We told him that, considering that we have been living with the status of refugees for nearly a full seven years, outside our residence in Prizren, which was burned in the March 17, 2004 riots, along with our cathedral and many other holy places, we are not able to welcome Mr. Ceku before we have returned to our restored residence, and our people have return to their homes.” Bishop Artemije said. Ceku sent a letter yesterday to Bishop Artemije asking whether he could attend the Easter liturgy in Gracanica and wish all Orthodox Christians a happy Easter. Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiju wrote and sent a similar request to the monastery in Visoki Decani.

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