A Clear and Present Islamo-Fascist Threat in Kosovo

Published on September 15, 2006

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Congressional Advisor Warns of Kosovo-Based Terrorists Infiltrating Europe; Kosovo Independence Would Create an Islamic Republic in Europe; Muslim Albanians from Kosovo Plan Montenegrin Terrorist Attack; Additional Terror Attacks Against Christian Serbs

4. Finally, Muslim Albanian violence against Christian Serbs continues unabated. The United Nations confirmed a bombing of a Serb home near Klina, while the Coordination Center for Kosovo reported Serbs were shot at this week while collecting wood. FOCUS News Agency reported: While they were gathering wood in the forest the Serbs became the target of fierce firing coming from the once mixed and now completely Albanian village of Radesevo

3. In addition, a terrorist attack planned by Kosovo-based Muslim Albanians to coincide with September 11, was thwarted by Montenegrin authorities. A Montenegrin daily newspaper reported: The police investigation of the persons suspected of preparing and planning terrorist actions in Montenegro has revealed that the terrorist organization still has not fully defined its targets, apart from plans to blow up smaller infrastructure facilities. The Montenegrin police were informed that the group was planning to carry out several smaller terrorist actions on 10 and 11 September in order to mark the anniversary of the Al-Qa'idah attacks in the USA. The police believe that the organization was led by two persons living in the vicinity of Tuzi [town near Podgorica mostly inhabited by Albanians] and that they were acting on the direct orders of the so-called fourth division of the Albanian terrorists in Prizren [Kosovo]. A Serbian media outlet also reported on the planned attack: Chief Rajko Malovic of the Montenegrin Interior Ministry's Department for Fighting Organized Crime said on Monday that members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit had arrested 12 ethnic Albanians of Tuzi and other places in Malesija region, and from Kosovo province, as there had been justified grounds to suspect they had been planning a terrorist attack in Montenegro at midnight of Sept 10. Addressing a press conference, Malovic said police arrested 12 of the 17 identified members of this illegal terrorist group in an action planned in detail. Five ethnic Albanians of Tuzi, including four United States (US) citizens, have fled to Kosovo, he said… The arrested persons were planning to carry out terrorist activities in the territory of Malesija region, together with former members of paramilitary formations from Kosovo, the police chief said. The population, and religious and other objects in Malesija had been the targets of the planned terrorist attacks, Malovic specified.

2. In a September 14, 2006 Human Events blog entry on the Gizz-ette, John Gizzi wrote: Were Kosovo independence to occur, in the heart of Europe there would then exist an Islamic republic like Iran and a safe-haven for terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden. According to a 2003 report of the Serbian government, bin Laden visited neighboring Albania in 1995 “when bases for the logistic and financial support to the Al Queda organization were set up with cells in Kosovo and Metohija.” In addition, Kosovo has a long and well-documented history as a base for narcotics to fund worldwide terrorist activities. Eight months before 9/11, the Wall Street Journal-Europe reported (January 11, 2001): “The overnight use of heroin trafficking through Kosovo -- now the most important Balkan route between Southeast Asia and Europe after Turkey [italics added] -- helped also to fund terrorist activity directly associated with Al Qaeda and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.... Operatives of two Al Qaeda-sponsored Islamist cells who were arrested in Bosnia on October 23rd were linked to the heroin trade, underscoring the narco-jihad culture of today’s post-war Balkans”… German intelligence (BND) confirmed in ’05 that the terrorist bombings in London in July of that year and in the Madrid commuter railway on May 11, 2004 were organized in Kosovo. “The man at the center of the provision of the explosives in both instances,” reported Defense and Foreign Affairs Daily (October 25, 2005), “was an Albanian, operating mostly out of Kosovo (with links into Bosnia), who is a second ranking leader in the Kosovo Liberation Army...Niam Behzloulzi (phonetic spelling), also known as ‘Houlzi.’

1. In a September 13, 2006 column, World Net Daily reported: A U.S. Congressional adviser is turning up the volume on his long-standing warnings that terrorists who have set up camps in the Balkans now easily can reach into Europe, telling reporters in Serbia that the idea now has a name – "Balkans 2020." Congressional adviser Yossef Bodansky, director of the U.S. House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare since 1988, told Slovenian Finance that the goal of the campaign is to set up terrorist camps in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sandzak and Croatia. He said at least five intelligence agencies now are working to track people and arms arriving from Arab nations, in hopes of preventing that plan from becoming reality, according to a broadcast station report... Al-Qaida made use of the unsettled diplomatic aftermath of the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts, and for a decade already the most senior leaders in al-Qaida have been visiting the Balkans, the reports said. A report in the Wall Street Journal Europe edition noted the U.S. was probably two years behind when it started expressing concern about Islamic terrorists in the Balkans, and by that time they already were established.

Editorial comment from the American Council for Kosovo: The American Council for Kosovo has long warned of the jihad terror threat in Kosovo and the dangers that Kosovo independence would pose to Europe. This past week’s planned terrorist attacks in Montenegro and a dire prediction by a US Congressional advisor of the danger of Muslim Albanian terrorists infiltrating Europe are warning signs that the United States and its allies should notice. Worthy of note:

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