Forget the Rosy Kosovo Scenario

Published on September 13, 2007, The Wall Street Journal

Category: News from the American Council for Kosovo

Agim Çeku's ideas about the future status of Serbs and other non-Albanians in an independent Kosovo can be regarded only as cruel mockery (" Beyond Independence ," Aug. 30). Two-thirds of Serbs and similar proportions of Roma, Croats, Gorani -- not to mention all of Kosovo's small Jewish community -- were violently removed from the province.

This terror was inflicted by members of the "Kosovo Liberation Army," whose former commander was the very same Agim Çeku. As current head of the U.N.-sponsored Albanian administration in Kosovo, Mr. Çeku also holds primary responsibility for the fact that virtually none of those forced to flee have been able to return in safety. The prospect of their doing so under a "continued but lighter presence of NATO-led peacekeepers and EU-led police" is nonexistent.

Rather than facilitating further instability, crime and human-rights violations in what inevitably would be a failed state, the international community should reject Mr. Çeku's rosy scenario as the fiction that it is. Instead, European and other responsible leaders should work for a genuine, negotiated solution for Kosovo based on a realistic compromise between Albanians' aspirations for self-rule and Serbia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

James George Jatras
Director American Council for Kosovo

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