Our Tax Dollars at Work – NATO Troops in Kosovo Open Fire on Serb Protesters!

Published on September 27, 2011, American Council for Kosovo

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NATO Tries to Force Christian Serbs to Submit to Criminal Albanian Muslim “Authority”

September 27, 2011: Today, NATO forces in Kosovo opened fire on Serbian demonstrators protesting efforts by KFOR (NATO’s “Kosovo Force”) and the ironically designated European Union “rule of law” mission (“EULEX”) to force Serbs to submit to the illegal Albanian Muslim “authority” posing as an independent government in Priština. As summarized by retired U.S. diplomat Gerard Gallucci, who formerly served in Kosovo:

On September 27, the NATO force in Kosovo (KFOR) lost completely its guise as UN peacekeepers and became a repressive, lawless military occupation force. After seeking to use force to remove peacefully maintained barricades and to close a alternate road used by northern Kosovo Serbs, some locals apparently threw stones at the KFOR soldiers who then responded - in "self defense" - by firing at the otherwise defenseless Serbs, wounding at least six. The NATO action ought to be thoroughly investigated by an independent body to verify whether or not war crimes were committed. KFOR and EULEX ought to stand down and stop trying to change the political reality on the ground through such bullying and repressive measures before they provoke real violence.

At this time, writes Gallucci, “Details about the day's events remain somewhat unclear. Various reports have suggested that the NATO shots fired were either rubber bullets or live ammo. It is also unclear whether the soldiers involved were German or perhaps American or Polish.” But make no mistake: if not for a political green light from Washington, NATO would not have taken the initiative of authorizing violence to remove Serbian barricades.

This latest escalation follows weeks of rising tensions since late July, when Hashim “Snake” Thaciso-called “prime minister” of Kosovo, mafia kingpin, war criminal, and organ-trafficker – placed illegal checkpoints on the administrative line between Kosovo and the rest of Serbia, in a bid to force Serbs in northern Kosovo to submit his illegal administration. Incredibly, KFOR and EULEX, in violation of their “status neutral” mandate under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, which is the only legal authority for their presence in the province, have backed up Thaci and his criminal cronies. The question now is, does this latest resort to violence mean NATO has decided on use of force – in the pattern of the genocidal 1995 “Operation Storm” in the Serbian Krajinas with the help of U.S. mercenaries – to impose a final solution on Serb resistors to the the Albanian Muslim administration? Or will public attention force them to back off?

No less dismal than the spectacle of American and other NATO soldiers acting as enforcers for Thaci & Co. is that of Serbia’s supine “pro-western” government, under President Boris Tadic. Aptly dubbed “Vichy Serbs” by writer and analyst Vojin Joksimovic, Tadic and his government, seeing their own citizens under fire on their own national territory, can think only of stepping up “technical negotiations” with the Priština-based terrorists. For that reason, in a Joint Statement of the All-Serbian National Council “Serbs Rally Together,” on September 17, 2011, Kosovo Serbs declared (in part, read the full statement here):

WHEREAS we are committed to the ideal of freedom and inspired by our sacred spiritual heritage of Kosovo but mindful of our future generations, while never forgetting our obligation to respect the will and the sacrifice of our glorious ancestors who created Serbia and left it for us to preserve,

WHEREAS, determined to stop and prevent further dismemberment and occupation of Serbia and united under the blessing and leadership of His Grace Bishop Artemije, we have resolved and hereby announce to Serbia and the international community our resolution as follows:


The Belgrade regime of Boris Tadic considers the occupying powers his partners; it negotiates with them, draws up agreements, pacts and treaties, but always to the detriment of the Serbian nation as a whole and, particularly so, to the detriment of the Serbs who live in Kosovo and Metohija.

If the Serbs could call their enemy by its rightful name—OCCUPIER—and the conditions under which they have been living in Kosovo and Metohija for the past 12 years—OCCUPATION—then they would do as one does under occupation: they would endure and fight until the end, until the liberation.

We give notice to NATO and to Albanian terrorist occupying powers in Priština that we do not recognize any agreement or treaty they have signed or will sign with Tadic and his coalition. Treaties concluded during occupation through blackmail and trickery have always been considered invalid.

We particularly want to point out that we shall not tolerate further threats, attacks on our security and efforts at assimilation of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija. Those who have done this or are planning to do so will soon be confronted with legitimate forms of self-defense.

We remind our people that no shame is attached to being under enemy occupation, but it is certainly shameful to praise the occupier or collaborate with him. Not only is it shameful, it is a sin against our ancestors who had fought for hundreds of years to liberate Kosovo and Metohija from centuries long Turkish occupation.

It now remains to be seen who will prevail: the Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija, who have declared themselves against occupation of their country, or their occupiers: the Albanian Muslim separatists and their NATO and EU enablers in Washington, Brussels, Berlin, London – and worst of all, in Belgrade.

The blackest deeds occur when the perpetrators believe no one is watching. Most Americans have long since forgotten about Kosovo, and about the Balkans in general. Today, how many Americans remember the 78 days of “humanitarian” bombing in 1999 by the Bill Clinton administration on behalf of the Thaci’s “Kosovo Liberation Army” – a gaggle of jihadists and Albanian Mafia kingpins? How many recall George W. “the Decider” Bush’s announcement in 2007 in Tirana, Albania, that to please our Islamic “allies” in the “War on Terror,” he would simply proclaim, on no authority whatsoever, “enough’s enough, Kosovo’s independent.” (And then the grateful Albanians stole his watch!)

Almost no one.

But the fact that few Americans remember doesn’t change the fact that at this very moment, under the authority of President Barack Hussein Obama, NATO – acting in our name, and supported by our tax dollars – is bringing force to bear against Christian people living in their own country, to force them to submit to hostile Muslim occupation and to accept their eventual extinction.

James George Jatras
Director, American Council for Kosovo
Washington, September 27, 2011

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