"Kosovo can attend only under UNMIK auspices"

Published on March 18, 2010, B92

Category: Growing International Opposition to Imposed Solution

BELGRADE -- Spanish Ambassador Inigo de Palacio Espana today addressed the issue of participation of Kosovo Albanian officials at EU-organized gatherings.

The top Spanish diplomat in Belgrade said the authorities in Priština can be present at international conferences organized by the EU only under the UNMIK auspices and in accordance with UNSC Resolution 1244.

Espana added that this will be the condition for the Kosovo authorities to be invited to the conference planned for early June in Sarajevo.

"Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos has repeated several times since January that at the conference organized by Spain, as the country currently presiding over the EU, the Kosovo authorities can only be presented in accordance with the conditions and frameworks set by all EU member states," Espana told Tanjug news agency in Belgrade on Thursday.

"Taking into account that there is no consensus within the EU on Kosovo's independence, the only possibility to reach a consensus is to maintain the practice that the Kosovo authorities are presented under UNMIK and in accordance with Resolution 1244," the ambassador stressed.

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