Hashim the Snake Thaci Set to Take Power in Kosovo:
Culmination of Long Criminal and Terrorist Career

Published on November 20, 2007, American Council for Kosovo

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Will Bush Administration Recognize Jihad State in Europe?

Editorial Comment from the American Council for Kosovo Take every thing you think you know about the stated U.S. policy of combating jihad terrorisn, organized crime rackets, trafficking in persons (i.e., sex slavery), the global drug trade, peddling weapons and explosives to terrorist groups, and so on. Now stand everything you think you know on its head and picture the U.S. supporting all of these activities, not combating them. As incredible as it sounds, that describes in a nutshell American policy in Kosovo, which seeks to separate the province from Serbia and create a new terrorist and criminal statelet in Europe.
Nothing better illustrates that point than the apparent election victory of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), under the leadership of Hashim Thaci, who is expected to assume management of the UN-supervised Albanian Muslim administration. (The elections, held on November 17, are just a sham to hide the fact that real power in Kosovo is held by men with guns, namely commanders of a terrorist organization, the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), including Thaci. According to news reports, only 45 percent of Kosovos ethnic Albanians took part, and of 40,000 Serbs in northern Kosovo, precisely five (5) persons voted in these farcical elections, knowing their participation would be giving their consent to their own eradication.)
Lets take a closer look at the aspiring leader of a new independent state:
    • According to the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (Federal Intelligence Service, BND), Thaci (also known by his criminal alias, the Snake), is one of three KLA kingpins who run the Albanian mafia rackets in Kosovo, meeting regularly in the Grand Hotel in Pristina , as reported in Berliner Zeitung . (According to the BND source, the other two are Agim Ceku, currently styled prime minister of the administration Thaci seeks to head, and Ramush Haradinaj, under Hague Tribunal indictment for war crimes.)
    • Thaci is also known for eliminating anyone who crosses his ambitions. According to a leader of another, relatively more moderate Kosovo Albanian party: Cadavers have never been an obstacle to Thacis career .
    • According to a 2003 report by the Serbian government (post-Milosevic), in 1995 Thaci, together with his KLA crony Haradinaj, met in the Albanian capital of Tirana with Osama bin Laden to plan the jihad in Kosovo. The Serbian government stands by the report, which relies on intelligence sources and methods. However, its plausibility is supported by Fatos Klosi, former head of the Albanian intelligence service SHIK, who says he saw bin Laden in Tirana , according to The Times of London.
    • In his capacity as a KLA chief, Thaci bears command responsibility for the deaths of 661 Christian Serbs and other non-Albanians in Kosovo, serious physical injury to 518 Serbs, and the abduction of 584 persons. Thaci is also responsible for the premeditated expulsion by the KLA of 250,000 Serbs, as well as 80,000 other non-Albanians (such a Roma (Gypsies), Gorani, Croats, Jews, and others), from Kosovo after the supposed end of hostilities in June 1999.
    • Finally, among the characteristic jihad terror practices of the KLA, under the command of Thaci and his colleagues Ceku and Haradinaj, is the beheading of victims, as seen in other countries with active jihad terror movements, such as Iraq, Indonesia, Israel, and Pakistan (American reporter Daniel Pearl), India (Kashmir), and Russia (Chechnya). Uniformed KLA terrorists whose identities are known but who have never been brought to justice have been photographed with the heads of their Christian Serb victims: WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGES . Equally horrifying is the account of the torture and beheading of a Christian Serbian Orthodox priest, Hieromonk Hariton (Lukic) in 1999, soon after the beginning of the international administration in Kosovo. Fr. Haritons body was recovered but his head has not been found.
In short, Thaci is a walking microcosm of the black hole of crime, terror, and corruption that has taken shape in Kosovo under the nose of the UN- and NATO-led international administration since 1999. His election is little more than a pretense to put a democratic mask on what Condoleezza Rices State Department would like to achieve: the illegal separation of Kosovo from Serbia and the installation of Thaci and his associates as the de jure government of a new sovereign state.
Thaci has vowed that Kosovo will declare independence soon after the December 10 expiration of the mandate of the current U.S./EU/Russia Troika mediating talks between Belgrade and the Kosovo Albanians. Of course, the Albanians have no incentive to negotiate in good faith because Washington has threatened to recognize them if there is no agreement and they declare independence.
But threatening and acting are two different things. Its hard to believe any responsible American official would move forward on such an ill-advised course, given the virtual certainty of violence in Kosovo and destabilization of nearby areas, presenting our European allies with an impossible dilemma that would shatter any attempt to maintain a unified EU policy, and a needless confrontation with Russia when front-burner issues like Iran and North Korea and now add Pakistan loom.
Then again, having supported the KLA this far, Foggy Bottom, and maybe even the Bush White House, where the buck stops, may feel there is no other choice but to continue down the same path. If that turns out to be so, it will resolve nothing about Kosovos status. But it would mean that Washington policymakers had managed to paint themselves into a corner where they became hostage to the whim of the Snake and his terrorist and criminal associates. Let us hope that is not the case, and someone, somewhere in the Bush Administration finally notices that this is a policy in desperate need of some adult supervision.
James George Jatras
Director, American Council for Kosovo

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